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Glenda Gibson, the curator for Kooroon Gallery has been painting and selling work locally and over seas for over 10 years. She paints in bright colour,  expressing her joy of the world and her relationship with God.  From water scenes, to houses and hearts, Glenda’s work is all about expressive colour and textures.  

As well as bringing art into the community through Kooroon Gallery once a month, she has also worked with Bottesford Primary school as an artist and tutors local children in art skills. 

Her latest exhibition (held at Kooroon in January 2018) brought a splash of hope for summer sun, focusing on her own exploration of the sea through paintings.

The key painting in this series combined images and ideas from her own life and imagination

As Glenda explains: 
"In the Summer I thought I would paint some sea scenes to cheer us up in January.  I have been painting from memory and photos and having fun.  This is a made up image based on a vision I had of St Mary the Virgin, Church, Bottesford a few years ago.  The concept is that St Mary's is like a mother ship that looks after all the little boats on the 'sea' of our village.  We are as about as far from the sea as it is possible in the UK.  I loved painting the boats although I found it hard to get the curves right at first.  The sea is always moving and giving the boats great angles.  They remind me of seed pods which fits well because they are the life of the church.  The church is all the families out in the community." 

Other work in this series included sea  and sea/sky studies.  

Previous work has also touched or even been focused upon Glenda's relationship with God and her Christian faith such as in the City Of God series which includes this piece (below). It is therefore not wonder that Glenda is a founding member of Christians Artists Together, a network devoted to the support of prophetic artists and their work (more information on which can be found HERE).

City of God (Gold). One of a series of paintings by Glenda Gibson. 
Glenda's work is colourful and popular and in addition to the originals, she is able to sell prints and cards both through the Gallery itself and her shop on etsy. Her experience and commitment to the development of other artists practice brought her to setting up the gallery where she is based. Info on this and contact details can be found in the About page on this website.

Examples of additional work by Glenda:

Fragrance by Glenda Gibson
Heart (Gold) by Glenda Gibson

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