Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Call for artists and crafters
Closing date for work to be included 29th July 2019
Exhibition Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August 2019
Kooroon in collaboration with Christian Artists Together and PollyWhistle are inviting artists to create new work on the theme of toilets and how we can help everyone safely do what they must do, for exhibition in August. 
Bumf is this year’s art exchange project about reaching out to help people go safely to the loo. Bumf is waste paper.  Some of us older people will remember using bumf as toilet paper as children. Look how far we have come; soft paper on a roll beside an inside flushing loo.
Kooroon is hoping to twin a toilet to help raise funds to support people who do not have any at all. Women and girls are very vulnerable when they go to do what is necessary and natural!  Who Gives A Crap a toilet paper company that make toilet paper from recycled paper or bamboo and give 50% of their profits to build toilets.  There is also a charity that twins toilets just £60.    Because this is a fundraiser it costs £5 to take part.  Once the fee is paid, I will send you a toilet roll paper from Who Gives a Crap to help your inspiration.  We recommend that you keep your artwork to about A5 size so it is easy to post.  After the exhibition someone else’s work of art will be posted back to you and this cost will come out of the £5 fee.  Money over will go towards twinning toilets in local Galleries. 
To take part email Glenda at and she will give you instructions on how to pay your £5 so she can then send you your paper sample.  The rest is up to you.  After the exhibition a randomly selected work of art from the project will be sent to you and your work of art will be sent to another artist in the project. 
2.4 billion people or roughly one-third of the world’s population - according to Jack Linshi 2015, who still lack access to proper toilets, according to a report published by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.  Without toilets.  Girls don’t go to school once they start to menstruate.  This is about equality as well as a health issue. 
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