Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Polly Whistle

Kooroon Gallery Open 10-4 on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October



Artist: Jane Millum

Laid to Rest:
A Memoriam of Art Dolls by Polly Whistle

“The Wincle Sisters performed until their dying day… yet never once to a live audience, unless you count the cats, birds and insects of course. Father wouldn’t hear of it and that was that. So even after he had passed they couldn’t conceive of defying him. Not in life anyway ”.
PollyWhistle artist Jane Millum makes “weirdly beautiful” little people and their stories flutter around her as she works. In trying to capture these, she creates lives and histories that are never quite real yet never quite unreal either.
With an eternal fascination and joyful love of actual people and their captivating tales, Jane believes each of us is a patchwork of stories, all quite real yet somehow unreal too.
Too often we see only a snapshot, one patch maybe a few if we are lucky and it is all too easy to “neglect to consider” how a person stood in front of you is made up of a whole, big life. Sometimes it is only during occasions such as a funeral, that we learn more about someone’s patchwork than we ever did when they were alive. 
So come and meet this recently deceased, delightful trio and learn about the beautiful (and sometimes quite bawdy) concert hall at the bottom of the garden.
This exhibition is the very first instalment of a brand new body of work by PollyWhistle.
“It’s like finding a chest in the attic and pulling out the beautiful frocks, photos and letters that peppered a person’s life without ever meeting them!” Angelica Frankle
Kooroon Gallery

I am delighted to have Jane Millum (Polly Whistle) exhibit her intriguing art dolls and other textile treats in October.  She is wonderfully discovering a whole collection of new and interesting characters for you to meet and even own!