Monday, 20 August 2018

Donna Drouin

Artist: Donna Drouin


A photo of Donna's Art Studio with works in progress.

You'll find Donna Drouin staring at flowers and stars, photographing details, trying to develop an understanding of how and why, standing, amazed at the beauty with which God creates. This is what printmaker/painter/sticker/ doodler Donna tries to get across in her work, an essence of wonder at the universe that we inhabit, her love of God and an understanding of science, all together in one place. Donna uses layers of under painting to build up rich tones in her paintwork, the same way a printmaker uses layers of colours to build an image.
A prolific sketchbook filler, she treats these as a resource and a daily journal, collecting surfaces, textures and architectural details to work into her prints like a secret language.
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