Thursday, 28 June 2018

Rhiannon Clarke and Celeste Drouin-Davis 6 & 7 July

Introducing two exciting young artists.

It is wonderful to see two artists realising their vocation and following their dream at such a young age.  Lets give them loads of encouragement. 

Rhiannon is an artist  who expresses her creativity across a variety of media such as guitars, clothing and artwork with a lot of her work being driven by her interest in popular culture. Some of her pieces have been recently translated into tattoos. Rhiannon recently painted a mural in a baby's bedroom and has painted the wall in her sitting room.  It is stunning.  She takes commissions. More info at Wayward Illustrations

Celeste aged 18, uses many types of media to express her concepts within art. This has taken her on a journey from painting with incorporated textiles to creating films and animations. She is also off to uni this year and she shall be studying at Leeds University of the Arts for her degree in Fine Art. The image above is a still from a short film by Celeste for which she achieved a distinction in her art foundation course.