Saturday, 7 April 2018

Gillian Buick - texture and colour

Gillian has exhibited in Warwick, Leamington Spa, Coventry and Stratford on Avon, with both the Coventry and Warwickshire Society of Artists, and The Stratford on Avon Art Society. Her recent exhibits have been at The Lodge in Leamington Spa with Leamington Studio Artists. Gillian won The Peoples favourite with Oceans Roar.
She has also taken part in Warwickshire Open Studios and have sold  much of her work through these events, as well as to private individuals and commissions.

Gillian began painting after she had to take early retirement. An artist friend persuaded Gillian to let her give her a lesson whilst I was visiting. Gillian explains, 'She thought I might enjoy it! Well, one lesson and I was hooked!'
After starting with watercolour she moved onto Acrylics, loving the rich colours and differing mediums she could use with it. This led onto the textures and differing mediums.
Water inspires Gillian as it is so essential to life for all of creation. It can be both nourishing and destructive. It is transparent yet can hide so much. She enjoys the challenge of painting the reflections in water. as well as the play of light and colour in moving water.

Recently, She began to use Oils and is exploring texture and depth in her work.

Gillian also makes Greeting cards, very often making her own embellishments and calligraphy. After a recent visit to Dubai, she was inspired by the way Islamic calligraphy is used in art. Gillian has played around with trying to add calligraphy to some paintings in a Christian context. She may exhibit those sometime in the future!!

Gillian says, 'Will I ever settle for just one topic or medium? I don't think so! Art is a journey, an adventure and one I hope to enjoy for as long as I can. Along my journey, I hope others will enjoy my art as much as I have enjoyed painting it.'

Gill Buick Art Page

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