Sunday, 20 May 2018

June: Weave: un-loneliness Project

Weave: un-loneliness Project 2018

About 40 pieces of dress went out to people in England and one each to Cyprus and the US.  We have asked for them to be used in the making of A5 sized artworks and to comment if they wish on the work they create.  The response has been delightful.  I can't wait to curate the this exhibition for 1 and 2 June.  They are not for sale because each artist will receive someone Else's work in return.  

There will be some cards for sale. 

It has been very special receiving these in the post at Kooroon Gallery.  Some of the thoughts behind them are amazing.  

"Barriers so big I can't find a way out. Unable to take hold of the hands offered.  Out there is light and companionship.  I can't get out and they can't get in."

One woman was left speechless by the small bit of blue fabric.  She was part of a group that worked together to make their art works.

She writes "The required pathway is stitched on the edgeof the original piece suggesting life can make one feel lonely and living on the edge.  It was stitched leaving escape routes and hidyholes ..."

Susan Lee wrote a poem
High and crashing,
Low and rippling, 
Large and rolling,
Small and flowing.

Splashing, breaking,
Billowing, surging
Ruffling, Calming

Each wave is part of the sea,
The mighty ocean.
Each person is part of humanity
Part of Us.


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