Tuesday, 7 January 2020

31 Jan & 1st February Exhibition

 Sy Baker will be teaching a painting workshop at Kooroon Gallery at the Old Sorting House Bottesford 1st February 2020.  Only £15 to paint birds on to teabags.  A bit like the ones above. 

Click here for a video of his studio.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Jan 2020

Kooroon Gallery January

Glenda Gibson
Dian Harrison
Fri 3 Jan 2-4, 8-9:30
Sat 4 Jan 10-4

The Old Sorting House

Kooroon Gallery did not just happen.  Glenda Gibson was asking what to do next for the Artists she and Donna Drouin had been encouraging.  Their work needed to be shown to the world and be for sale so they could continue to afford to be artists. Kooroon Gallery started in the dining room of Glenda’s home as an experiment.  A small but faithful following developed who have followed her to a new venue.  
Dian Harrison dreamed of using her home for something more. An artist herself she had a purpose-built studio for teaching classes so she relocated her living to upstairs so she could free up space for a gallery downstairs.  Kooroon was the first to exhibit in this wonderful and well-lit space.  Most not seen from the street so come on in and have a good look. 
Glenda is working on portraits of Artists for the next exhibition and Dian is creating new work.
Glenda will run a workshop on 4 Jan from 1-3pm.  Acrylic painting using ideas from Este MacLoud.  £15 with all material provided.  Booking essential.
Succulent by Glenda Gibson 

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Workshop during Kooroon Gallery opening

Donna Drouin kindly agreed to do a Contemplative Drawing workshop at the last minute.  Three lovely people attended and several wish they could have.  Workshop alongside the Kooroon exhibition will be an ongoing feature.  The Old Sorting house has a dedicated studio space which Kooroon can use.  Next month Dian Harrison is doing a Decoupage workshop again but this time on a flower pot to match the Bumf decoupage toilet for our toilet twinning fund raiser.  There is still time to join in this art exchange.  Check out the bumf tab on this website. 


Thursday, 4 July 2019

Kooroon 5&6 July Two lovely Ladies

Nancy Ellerby also has enjoyed the Grantham Art Group for the past 15 years.  She is interested in constantly trying new techniques and one of her acrylic flow paintings will be for sale.  Both Ladies are members of VoBAS and SAA.

Gail Birley, after a wonderful working life, joined the  Grantham Art Group 8 years ago and has relished developing her artistic skills. She enjoys the variety of plein air, working from photos, flowing liquid acrylics and a variety of other media.  

Contemplative style of Drawing

Book a class on Drawing Exploration with qualified artist Donna Drouin for £10. All material provided.  Booking in advance is essential with Glendagibson@live.com  This is during the exhibition at The Old Sorting House in the studio room.  All levels of ability welcome. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Call for artists and crafters
Closing date for work to be included 29th July 2019
Exhibition Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August 2019
Kooroon in collaboration with Christian Artists Together and PollyWhistle are inviting artists to create new work on the theme of toilets and how we can help everyone safely do what they must do, for exhibition in August. 
Bumf is this year’s art exchange project about reaching out to help people go safely to the loo. Bumf is waste paper.  Some of us older people will remember using bumf as toilet paper as children. Look how far we have come; soft paper on a roll beside an inside flushing loo.
Kooroon is hoping to twin a toilet to help raise funds to support people who do not have any at all. Women and girls are very vulnerable when they go to do what is necessary and natural!  Who Gives A Crap https://uk.whogivesacrap.org/is a toilet paper company that make toilet paper from recycled paper or bamboo and give 50% of their profits to build toilets.  There is also a charity that twins toilets https://www.toilettwinning.org/for just £60.    Because this is a fundraiser it costs £5 to take part.  Once the fee is paid, I will send you a toilet roll paper from Who Gives a Crap to help your inspiration.  We recommend that you keep your artwork to about A5 size so it is easy to post.  After the exhibition someone else’s work of art will be posted back to you and this cost will come out of the £5 fee.  Money over will go towards twinning toilets in local Galleries. 
To take part email Glenda at glendagibson@live.com and she will give you instructions on how to pay your £5 so she can then send you your paper sample.  The rest is up to you.  After the exhibition a randomly selected work of art from the project will be sent to you and your work of art will be sent to another artist in the project. 
2.4 billion people or roughly one-third of the world’s population - according to Jack Linshi 2015, who still lack access to proper toilets, according to a report published by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.  Without toilets.  Girls don’t go to school once they start to menstruate.  This is about equality as well as a health issue. 
Information at www.kooroon.com or email glendagibson@live.com

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Denis Hobbs fine artist 

Friday 31 May & 1 June

Denis Hobbs has a distinctive, precise and accurate style but varies his subjects and media widely. He takes over the whole Long Gallery space exhibiting more than 20 of his superb work. An experienced, locally based artist, Denis exhibits extensively throughout the area including at the Guildhall in Grantham and with the Vale of Belvoir Art Society. In addition to his paintings there will also be prints for sale. Perfect for a unique father’s day gift.

Dian Harrison decorative artist

Friday 31 May & 1 June

Dian Harrison is an internationally known decorative artist and will be showing her painted furniture, boxes, clocks and key cabinets as well as mixed media wall art in the Cox Gallery space.  She will also be running a Decoupage Workshop on Saturday 1st June from 1pm to 3pm. It is suitable for beginners aged 14+ and costs £9, all materials included.

Please book via Glenda at Kooroon.  Workshops linked to the exhibition is our next great new adventure for Kooroon.  Dian will use the studio space for her workshop on decoupage where you will find the Bumf decoupage project.  

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Coming to Kooroon 5th April & 6th April - Sue Turner and Pam Mccartan

Full of colour and light two locally based and highly experienced artist will bring the Kooroon Gallery to life with watercolour and mixed media paintings this April.

Painter and mixed media artist Sue Turner returns to Kooroon following her successful exhibition at the previous venue a couple of years ago. Bringing new and favourite watercolour pieces, interspersed with her more experimental mixed media work, Sue’s quality of line and colour create light and movement that make her paintings a true pleasure.

A new artist to Kooroon, self taught painter Pam Mccartan has been developing her vibrant yet ethereal watercolour style for over 20years. She is mostly inspired by nature but also the stories of real lives that move her. Pam works primarily in watercolour but also employs more experimental wet work techniques and has recently starting first printing then painting directly onto fabric.

Both Pam and Sue have many years experience as artists including regularly exhibitions with the Vale of Belvoir Art Society (VoBAS).

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Do you know why the mermaid sings?

Or the importance or pockets or the truth about the ‘unkindness’ of ravens?

Our next exhibition will answer these questions and more. Taking place in the new venue (details here) on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March from 10am till 4pm, it is as always free to view.

For this event contemporary folk artist Jane Millum works as PollyWhistle has created a range of brand new work, to tell these tales in textiles and stitch. Bringing to life characters, featuring appliqué illustrations and with a range of vintage fabric delights for your delectation, Jane’s work is wistful, playful and more than a little curious. 

Come and join us!

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

New Venue

Kooroon Gallery Opens at The Old Sorting House ONE DAY ONLY Saturday 2 February


 The Old Sorting House,
25 High Street Bottesford,
NG13  0AA

Kooroon Gallery started in the home of Glenda Gibson, a Bottesford artist, to promote the work of artists and to give her village a cultural focus.  Although she only opens once a month it is very popular with a small but faithful group of art lovers and people from further away. 

Dian Harrison has a wonderful venue as part of her house on the High Street and is developing it for use by a variety of people including Glenda as a Gallery Manager and Curator.  Glenda has taken a leap of faith that a move will increase the opportunities for people to see and buy original art. She is proud to be the first of Dian's Clients. Dian is developing some of the rooms and garden on her ground floor as usable spaces for the arts and other ventures.

For One Day Only, Kooroon will exhibit in the first of two Gallery spaces known as the Long Gallery between 10-4 on Saturday 2 February 2019. In March it is hoped the second Gallery will also be ready, followed later in the year by a teaching studio and beautiful garden space.  

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Polly Whistle

Kooroon Gallery Open 10-4 on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 October



Artist: Jane Millum

Laid to Rest:
A Memoriam of Art Dolls by Polly Whistle

“The Wincle Sisters performed until their dying day… yet never once to a live audience, unless you count the cats, birds and insects of course. Father wouldn’t hear of it and that was that. So even after he had passed they couldn’t conceive of defying him. Not in life anyway ”.
PollyWhistle artist Jane Millum makes “weirdly beautiful” little people and their stories flutter around her as she works. In trying to capture these, she creates lives and histories that are never quite real yet never quite unreal either.
With an eternal fascination and joyful love of actual people and their captivating tales, Jane believes each of us is a patchwork of stories, all quite real yet somehow unreal too.
Too often we see only a snapshot, one patch maybe a few if we are lucky and it is all too easy to “neglect to consider” how a person stood in front of you is made up of a whole, big life. Sometimes it is only during occasions such as a funeral, that we learn more about someone’s patchwork than we ever did when they were alive. 
So come and meet this recently deceased, delightful trio and learn about the beautiful (and sometimes quite bawdy) concert hall at the bottom of the garden.
This exhibition is the very first instalment of a brand new body of work by PollyWhistle.
“It’s like finding a chest in the attic and pulling out the beautiful frocks, photos and letters that peppered a person’s life without ever meeting them!” Angelica Frankle
Kooroon Gallery

I am delighted to have Jane Millum (Polly Whistle) exhibit her intriguing art dolls and other textile treats in October.  She is wonderfully discovering a whole collection of new and interesting characters for you to meet and even own!